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 Form Creation Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Form Creation Rules and Template   Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:08 pm

  1. Form Activation: The more powerful your form the more difficult your situation has to be in order to activate it.
  2. Character Combination Forms: If you have permission with another character to combine with them to make a form you two will both have to create the form, but it'll be allowed to be stronger then a single person form.
  3. Cost: The more it costs to activate, the stronger it can be.
  4. Length: The weaker a form is, the longer it can last.
  5. Description: Please be very descriptive, otherwise we'll make you write a history.
  6. Special: What does entering this form do for your character? Heal HP? SP? Double your range? What's so special about it?
  7. Damage: The damage your finisher can deal can be equivalent to, but no higher than your maximum health.
  8. Limitations: You're allowed a form at level 1, then a form at every level ending in 0. <every ten levels>

[b]Name:[/b] <What is the name of the form>
[b]Activation Requirement:[/b] <What has to happen for your character to enter the form>
[b]Cost:[/b] <How much HP/MP does it cost>
[b]Element(s)[/b] <A form can be up to two elements, pick them>
[b]Length:[/b] <How long does your form last>
[b]Attack:[/b] <How do you attack while in the form>
[b]Special:[/b] <What special advantage do you get while in the form>
[b]Finisher:[/b] <What combo finisher do you use while in the form; max damage is 50% max hp>
[b]Description:[/b] <Describe what happens to your character when they activate this form>
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Form Creation Rules and Template
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