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 Limit Break Creation Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Limit Break Creation Rules and Template   Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:53 am

  1. Limit Breaks: Limit Breaks are ultimate attacks that take place when the user is facing an extremely desperate situation. They take place all on one turn and you can focus all the attacks on either one enemy or multiple. You can deal a MAXIMUM of 125% your current HP in damage - but you can never finish off a target. A target will always be left with 5% of their max HP if you're the same level, higher level, or if their less then 3 levels higher than you.
  2. Description: Be very very descriptive with your Limit Break, this is the strongest thing your character has.
  3. Activation: You can only activate a limit break if the next attack you would receive will kill you.
  4. Amounts: No matter what class you are, you're only allowed ONE limit break.

[b]Name:[/b] <what is the name of your limit break>
[b]Description:[/b] <describe your limit break>
[b]Attack formation:[/b] <how many attacks does it have, how much damage does each attack do>
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Limit Break Creation Rules and Template
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