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 Jinzou Kitai

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Jinzou Kitai


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PostSubject: Jinzou Kitai   Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:54 am

Jinzou Kitai


Starting Class:

Fighting Style:
Swift; Decisive; Adaptive. Jinzou tends to focus on defeating the enemy as swiftly as possible; he considers it immoral and dishonorable to toy with an opponent who could be defeated in a much more forward manner. Due to the diverse weaponry used by one on a physical path, his style tends to deviate based on the weapon he wields; with a katana or rapier, his attacks could be lightning fast, while a zweihanders or gunblade would drastically change his tactics. To make up for his light weight, he uses a style of fighting style native to his home world, which revolves around bolstering ones physical form with energy, in order to make up for ones size or lack of muscular mass.

Shadowheart: Due to his Heart's tainted status, Jinzou is able to control a dark energy, comparable to a black form of the ki used by a master of certain martial arts, or the chakra of a shinobi. It can take physical form through certain skills, although it is primarily used in a solid form as an actual weapon, or manifested as a black shroud, like a cloak, or a pair of wings.
With this power comes a great risk; when Jinzou falls in battle, the darkness runs rampant, taking over his body. Restored to 100% HP and SP, he rampages relentlessly, attacking friend and foe alike.


Jinzou is a fair sized humanoid male, standing at roughly five feet, eleven inches. His body type is fairly light, which would seem to imply that he was a fighter who focuses on speed; while this is true, he actually uses a combat art that allows him to fight on the physical level of one who was more muscular than he; this avoids the usual downside that tends to spring up around fighters, which would render them musclebound hulks. His hair is an off-gray, tannish color. The only thing clearly showing that he isn't a human would be the two cat-like ears which usually blend into his hair, and a tail, which is typically hidden within a cloak. Brilliant sapphire eyes are lined with a fairly handsome face; his general stature and appearance could be described as noble.

Jinzou has a clear sense of right and wrong. Due to his own personal beliefs, and those caused by his upbringing, he acts upon a code of honor, fitting his noblesque appearance. Never one to ignore a threat, he'll often be the first to leap into battle, striving to defeat the foe before an ally is injured; his own feelings of self-worth are rather small, as a result of surviving his world's demise. On a scale, he ranks the survival of his allies well over his own in importance; calling him suicidal wouldn't be fair, although his chances of survival could seem rather...slim, sometimes. Deep within this warrior's heart lurk the seeds of darkness, ever pulling him towards a much darker destiny.

2nd in Command of SANCTUM


Nothing is immortal.

This is something that the boy who would later assume the guise of Jinzou Kitai learned at a young age. The term applied to everything in his life, after the Heartless appeared on his home world of Mugendai. Their appearance brought irony to the world, which had been named after the concept of Infinity.

Infinity. Mugendai.

Nothing is immortal.

Slowly, the world began to die; a haze spread across its once shining cities, which had been glorious examples of technology and peace. Their seas blackened, losing their once beautiful luster; they instead began to resemble the very blackness of the night sky above, once all of the nearby 'stars' had been swallowed up, and blotted out. This is the world in which the boy was forced to live; from a time just after his eighth birthday, until the minute the world breathed its last.

Innocence. Love. Pacifism.

Nothing is immortal.

Slowly, the inhabitants of Mugendai began to lose interest in the world around them; as their world lost its beauty, their hearts began to succumb to the darkness, shutting out what light remained. The Heartless hardly had to work to complete whatever horrible instinct drove them to murder and harvest; no one cared enough to run, to fight. No one save for a small group that had remained unaffected by the dying world, those who retained the light in their eyes, hearts, and minds. Those, and the ones who had been infected with the seed of darkness long before the Heartless; those who were immune for their own reasons.

Family. Friends.

Nothing is immortal.

The boy was forced to learn, and learn he did; quickly, for his very life depended on it. Of the survivors, the majority were those trained in the arts of magic and combat; their minds had long since been devoted to their arts, placing them well above the typical populous of Mugendai. For whatever reason, the boy lived on as well; one of very few remaining children. Taken in by a band of survivors, he was almost immediately handed a katana, and put into sparring practice; a brutal training session that left him aching for days afterword, during which time he was educated in both the way of a Myrmidon, but the way of a leader, and a thinker. Once his aches and pains had lessened enough to resume training, the cycle began again, and again; through the years, he and his band of survivors grew stronger, surviving and growing even while their world collapsed around them.

Happiness. Brotherhood.

Nothing is immortal.

The boy learned quickly; the blade was like an extension of his body, his soul, every emotion that drove him to hate the heartless. Hate was his main fuel in battle, and whenever he fell to his knees in exhaustion, it was this hate that brought him up again every time, without fail. For the boy was not one of those flourishing due to a brush with the Light; within his heart was the telltale taint of darkness. Day by day, it grew, unknown to even the boy himself.

The Heartless.

Nothing is immortal.

Defeating Heartless was easy. So it seemed to the boy, anyway. While others had struggled and perished in battle against the shadowy figures, he flourished. No matter the foe, everyone had a weakness, and everyone would fall eventually. Sadly, the same was true for both the boy's allies, and his world itself; about halfway through his seventeenth year, everything came to an abrupt end. His companions were denied the glory of dying in battle, fighting for their cause, for their survival; when Mugendai finally succumbed to the Heartless, the shadow that swallowed up the world passed over them in mere moments, swallowing their cries, their fears...their light.

And he alone survived. While his world was snuffed out just like every other one in Mugendai's night sky, he found himself floating through the darkness, unharmed. Something in his heart had resonated with the force that had destroyed his world, granting him safe passage while everything he had loved was erased in a matter of moments. A broken figure of a being, the young neko found himself sprawled out on the ground when he finally woke; in an alleyway in the middle of nowhere. Climbing to his feet, he made his way towards the sounds of light and life, finally making his way to the street. The events that followed have always been hazy within his mind; the shock of his world being wiped away, and his survival proved to be a strain too great to cope with. After wandering Traverse Town for a time, he decided that enough was enough; no moping, no questioning. He had survived, and so he would continue fighting against the darkness he had fought for years, oblivious to the darkness within his own heart.

One year later, at eighteen, the former resident of the once-lush world of Mugendai had a new name, and a new purpose.

Jinzou Kitai, a member of the band of heros that stood together to battle the darkness, the Heartless, and anything that would stand to wipe away the Light ever again.

Darkness. Suffering. War.

Nothing is immortal.



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Jinzou Kitai
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