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 Demon's Temptation

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PostSubject: Demon's Temptation   Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:09 am

Name: Frost Monarch
Cost: 75+25L
Element(s) Ice, Wind
Length: 10 of Niveus's turns; ends at the end of the 10th.
Attack: Mainly brute force melee mixed with ice and wind ranged attacks.
Special: Able to manipulate air currents for movement and attacking; able to utilize ice as if working magic, sans MP.
Frost Driver
Rather than focus on multiple attacks, Niveus singles out his target and delivers a single crushing blow, unstoppable by any defensive magic or skills ((although the damage can be lessened)). Raising his right arm, he gathers a swirling vortex of ice and wind around his arm, creating a high pitched sawing noise. Without a moment's hesitation, he slams his fist down upon his opponent, slamming them into a crator through the sheer force of the blow. A moment later, the pent up elements in his arm are released, knocking them further into the ground and deepening the crater, while kicking up a thick covering fog. When the fog clears, the battlefield is shown to be swept into a wasteland by the wind release, empty save for opponents and towering ice spikes.
-Damage: {1000 + 100L} [AoE or single target, depending on the situation; when AoE, hits allies and enemies alike]

Since his awakening at Valda's hands, Niveus hasn't exactly had a happy life. It's nothing directly related to Ragnarok, of course; simply his situation in general. Ten years locked up in a crystal prison just after losing someone dear to your heart tends to leave scars in your mind; scars easily filled by the first helping hand. Having pledged his service to Valda, Niveus is more than willing to put everything on the line. If that means he just might have to give up his humanity, so be it. Perhaps it isn't for Valda at all that he embraces the power, but for someone else...this is unknown to Niveus himself, of course.

When this form is activated, the tattoo on his arm blazes brightly, along with a physical manifestation of his natural Maelstrom element; a sworling vortex of ice, water, and wind, which shrouds him from damage and sight until the transformation is complete one turn later. [Incidentally, the 10 turn countdown does not begin until after the shroud fades.] Upon returning visibility, Niveus is shown to be a changed man; embracing the ancient and forbidden magics sealed within the tattoo, he is reduced to something more monster than man, a hulking beast seemingly consumbed by rage and bloodlust. It tends to fight with a single-minded berserker rage, although Niveus's true colors, so often hidden even when in his normal form still shine through; his tactical sense still shines, and what seems like blind attacking might actually be used to drive the opponent into a corner...or off a cliff.


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PostSubject: Re: Demon's Temptation   Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:55 am


PM Kai Hitaro with Questions. And read my posts on your topic, they aren't always an approval.
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Demon's Temptation
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