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 ~Axis~The Eternal Flame of Darkness~

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PostSubject: ~Axis~The Eternal Flame of Darkness~   Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:55 pm

Name: Axis
[Originally: Saria]

Age: 20
Starting Class: Journeyman
Fighting Style: Axis is an offensive fighter. She likes to take people full on with melee or fire elemental attacks. Her defensive actions are not so good, and are rendered weak. Making her one that sucks at blocking. Her speed and strength make up for the lack of defensive skill.
Ability: Eternal Darkness - When HP is below 10%, Axis is sent into 'Dark Mode' otherwise known as Zix - Deals 150% each attack but is weak against magic based attack when in this state
Element: Fire
Body Features:
*~ Short, Straight Black Hair with Red Streaks (Dyed Black)
*~ Emerald Green Eyes
*~ Light Tan
*~ 5' 9"
*~ 155 lbs

*~ White Tank Top
*~ Black Short-Sleaved Jacket
*~ Black Arm Warmers
*~ Black Pants with Green Outline Trim
*~ Green/Yellow Belt ((Hangs from
*~ Black Leather Boots
*~ Black/White Checkered Heart-shaped Earrings
*~ Red Heartstring ((On Wirst, Hidden))
*~ Black/White Checkered Dog Tag
*~ Black/White Checkered Ring ((Left index finger))
*~ Sliver Star-Patterned Ring ((Third finger: Right Hand))
Personality: Axis is a kind and friendly tomboyish girl. Who can easily make friends and enemies alike. She trys to be the strongest she can, pushing herself to her limits sometimes. You can also find that she is very loyal and protective to her friends and others that she cares about. If need be, she'd be willing to die for them. She will always stand up for herself and others. Sometimes she is easily pissed off at things and/or people.
Group: Varia
History: Axis was born on October 23rd, original name being Saria, and was one of two kids born into the family. She had one older brother by the name of Lea. Born into a glorious town she was one of the more popular kids, gaining many friends but no surprise when it came to being compared to her brother she always looked up to him as a role model like any younger sibling would. His fighting skills were unmatched and he had the world at his fingertips. This lead her to training herself in combat every few days of the week, the main goal of it being to surpass her brother. There was one friend they had in common that became their closet. A boy named Isa, blue hair and a semi-strict personality to go with it. The three were inseparable. That was till a few years later when the two siblings family were setting plans in motion to move to another world. Radient Garden was slowly going down the drain and because of such they were getting the hell out of there.

When they finally did settle themselves in the town, after many heartbreaking good byes, the two struggled to bring themselves to popular status once again. Being outsiders didn't really help all too much. Time passed they began to go their separate ways, Lea left at 19 to head back to Radient Garden on his own to peruse a future while Saria was left behind with their family and their newly added half-brother Alex Kazema. Needless to say Lea was not heard from ever again. Around her 15th year of life Twilight Town was attacked by a clashing raid of both Nobodies and Heartless alike. Bombarding the streets and killing on site the town was invaded. Kazema had made it out safely and escaped the insanity leaving Saria behind to fend for herself and her parents as well. The end result had been her survival but she paid the price. Both parents had been killed and robbed of their hearts right before her eyes. Plunging her into the endless pit of failure and deep agony. Escaping the lost cause herself she found a safe zone on another world for a months time, only to return back to the town when it had been restored. She was alone now, staying quiet and keeping to herself she devoted most of her time becoming stronger so that she would never again let anyone down or watch someone she cared for be taken away. With things still sticking her head, flashbacks and such, she came to resent the darkness and its empty shells.

A year later it happened again. The Organization had a need for her and knew very well of her hidden talents which she had yet to learn about. Saria had the power of the keyblade but unfortunately enough it was still locked away, she didn't know. They sent Heartless in search of her, she was hunted and ambushed. Being more skilled this time around she managed to take out the majority of the attack squad but found herself bowing and ultimately dying. The next time she awoke she could no longer feel the fierce beating in her chest. She was empty shell in naught world known as The World That Never Was. Little did she know though that her dear had fallen in the same situation. Wandering aimless in the world for atleast a day she was soon found by the very person who sought her out. Taken in by Xemnas himself she was taught of her powers and about her true self. She was soon named Axis. It was determined later on by a few members of the Organization that she was one of the few “unique’ Nobody that still had ability to keep their memories and still feel the emotions that came with them. After all of this select members were assigned to keep careful eyes on her. One of those members being the very Nobody of the friend she had been forced to leave behind once. Upon learning of Isa’s transformation into Saix he became one of her teachers along with the 6th founding member of the Organization, Zexion. Throughout the course of her time with the Organization came also to learn of her brother. Number VIII: The Flurry of Dancing Flames: Axel as he was now known by. After all this time she hadn’t realised that he had been around the whole time. Later on during a random encounter around The World That Never Was the two came to meet each other and hence brought the reuniting of family. Her views and mind soon changed, the outlook on the years of subjective training and missions all seemed pointless and almost traitorous. Turning her back to the Organization she fled for freedom with her knowledge. She soon became a target for them and was now one more thing standing in their way.

One year passed and she was 18. It had been one successful but weird year. She had clicked with so many people, growing close relations with many. She had been through various battles of pain and agony, some of them involving such friends. There was main ups and downs but still she was surviving and standing tall. Although he state of mind was iffy. She was forced to look back on the past more then ever regretting many decisions she had made in the year. taking charge though she took it upon herself to change and out of that effort came the beginning of the new Axis. In the next few years she travelled the many worlds training herself even more both physically and mentally. any things were accomplished, learned, received, and achieved in this time. Along this self journey Axis made acquaintance with a beauty, young neko girl by the name of Ren Hitaro. The two became extremely close, developing deep feelings for each other. But the time soon came for them to go their different paths, Ren had disappeared. Axis finally returned soon later to everyone dear to her only to find Ren there waiting for her. This time she promised to stick with her by the young Nobody’s side. On Axis’ 20th birthday she agreed to travel to the future with Ren, upon arriving there she was accepted into her brother’s assassins group known as Varia. Living upon the soils of what used to be Axis thinks back to her own time often missing all she left behind but trying to embrace a bright future with her love and new family as well as friends.


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PostSubject: Re: ~Axis~The Eternal Flame of Darkness~   Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:19 pm


PM Kai Hitaro with Questions. And read my posts on your topic, they aren't always an approval.
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~Axis~The Eternal Flame of Darkness~
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