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PostSubject: Thexas/Terrath   Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:34 am

Name: Thexas
(Original: Terrath)

Age: 18

Starting Class: Journeyman

Fighting Style: She basically fights randomly with powerful attacks and quick agility. She makes the attack strong enough to cause quite some damage but light enough so that if she misses, she won't become off balance and be an easy target for her opponent. She has finally obtained this after many years of hard work and training.

Ability: Blaze Absorb - Absorb Fire Elemental Attacks (Heal the damage that would have been done)

Element: Fire

Description: Medium length flame red hair with black roots as well as amber eyes and light peach skin. She stands at 5'2" and weighs about 134 lbs. Has a thin body figure and also a tattoo on her right shoulder resembling a flame pattern. Since she is a Nobody she is dressed in the usual organization cloak. The make of her cloak is roomy and has the wide end sleaves as well she wears a pair of semi-baggy black cargo pants and a black undershirt underneath the cloak. Her one and only piece of jewelery is a handmade rope braclet with a silver charm hanging off of it. For shoes she wears a pair of comfortable black coverse sneakers instead of the usual high-heeled boots.

Personality: From a child Terrath has alway's been more on the gloomy, shy, silent side and tends to be rough on first meetings. She hasn't had too many good first starts so shes pretty wary around strangers and probably will just glare at you for awhile. Once you get to know her.... well not much changes, except most will find out shes a fiery strong-willed nobody.

Group: Ragnarok

History: Originally from the Pridelands, as a lion cub, Terrath's family was attacked by heartless and killed swiftly before her eyes. They then attacked herself and though she fought back she was greatly over-powered as well as out-numbered. Her strength had almost disappeared before a sensation had filled her, as if she was being jerked from her body then shoved roughly back in, then out again. She found herself unconscious in an unknown place, waking to find more heartless around her. Terrath blacked out once more before waking not that long after with the heartless dead around her, and her body had changed to that of a humans form.

Her heart no longer beat inside her chest yet Terrath was alive.... atleast she thought she was alive. She had all of her senses still belonging to her, everything was as it should be except maybe..... she felt so empty.... so unmoving. A part of her wanted to just fake death but Terrath aroused it detemined not to lose her sense of self. Lack of energy and strength brought sleep quickly that night when Terrath woke to find herself in strange ruins of what seemed to be a town. Over time she learned of a group of elite warriors known as Ragnarok who as people told were the terrors of the dark side. It was learning of this that lead her to achieving her newest goal, finding the newly formed Ragnarok and joining them, hopefully.

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PostSubject: Re: Thexas/Terrath   Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:56 am

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