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 Miles McKnight

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Miles McKnight


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PostSubject: Miles McKnight   Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:53 am

Name: Miles McKnight

Age: 16

Starting Class: Recruit

Fighting Style: Sniping

Miles is not a coward, but he very well knows that getting close to heartless, can sometimes be more hazardous, than helpful. He has his whole life, been taught to stay as far away as possible, wile still maintaining extreme accuracy. He will most likely (wile fighting in a group) be seen behind his friends, putting down accurate sniper fire, to cover the flanks on witch they are fighting. Miles like to maintain the rear, keeping his friends safe from the surprise attacks that took many of his friends.

Ability: Hunter

The Hunter ability, is simply put, the ability to temporarily, transfer and store magical energy into an objects (bullets, dirks, arrows, ect), and propel it to a target, damaging with both magical and physical energy. With Miles’s Light magic, he has the ability to insert holy energy into his weapons/propellants, and launch them at his foes. In short, its ammo imbued with the light magical element.

Element: Light

Description: Miles McKnight is not the tallest, or most well built teenager. Having spent his entire life, fighting heartless, and avoid death, he has made up for this lack in physical prowess, with his bravery, and ingenuity. He stands at right about 5 feet, 9 inches. He is slim, but still strong, with more stamina than overall strength. Where some would be falling over from a long travel time, Miles would be ready and able to go on. With short black hair, and blue eyes, it almost clashes with his tan skin. He has tried to spend most of his life in the sunlight, trying to stay in the light as much as possible, rather than stay in the darkness, where the heartless seem to group together in greater numbers. Wearing a white cloak, with short sleeves and back, it is more or less like a cotton rain poncho, rather than something to keep him hidden. Other than this, he wears boot cut jeans, with what he believes to be old tan combat boots. His torso is covered by a white tank top, and a green dress shirt (witch is almost always left unbuttoned). To complete this he wears a plaid Black and Grey paperboy hat.

Personality: Miles is a kind and gentle soul, who would most likely back his friends up in any situation, regardless of the danger. He believes in his friend's more than himself though, and has issues with taking charge, witch is most likely the reason why he prefers to fight from a distance, rather than up front. He is not cowardly though, but in fact, one of the bravest people you will ever meet. talkative, and very open about himself, and his life, he has no issues with sharing his life and experience with others. Always considering himself more of a side character than the hero of the story, he journeys on, trying to find out the secrets of his world, and perhaps one day, try to find a way to save it. Having spent most of his life traveling, and making due with what he has, Miles is much more adult than what an average teenager should be, but at the same time, he also finds himself thinking of more adult things that the others around him, witch has landed him in trouble before.

Group: Hero’s (Though currently traveling alone)

History: Miles was born in a war zone. The old blast area of twilight town, was not a comforting place, but with his friends and family, it at least was not lonely. With his family, and his friends family with him, things seemed to be alright for several years. With enough numbers on their side, they were able to fend off the heartless day after day. They were always fighting at a distance. Throwing knives, guns, anything that could take them out from a long way away. The ruins of the old clock tower is where they lived, sniping and gunning the foul things away, leaning on one another for support whenever they needed it. They stayed in the light whenever possible, trying to stay as close as they could to it.

Miles grew up with several friends, but when Miles turned 13, things just started going wrong. People started getting to bold, and ventured out for supplies. The heartless started taking them one by one, until after only three years, only Miles, and his two best friends were left. The faithful day when they all took to the road, may have been the worst mistake of their lives. After only three days of travel, both of Miles's friends were turned into heartless, leaving him alone.

Though this should have lead him to insanity, Miles surprisingly had a positive outlook on life. He believes that he has survived for a reason, and that all of the people that he has met in his life, have taught him something important, no matter how briefly they interacted. Now Miles travels, searching for something, an answer, as to why the world is like this. He wants to rid the world of the heartless, but knows that he alone, does not have this power. Right now he looks, and wanders, hopping that one day, he will find the people that he is looking for, the people that will not only fight with him, but be with him.

He has sworn that when he finds these people, he will use every muscle in his body, to fight along side them, and help return the world to light, rather than leave it to the creeping darkness.
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PostSubject: Re: Miles McKnight   Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:20 pm


BTW: Hero's is called SANCTUM/Sanctuary/SAVIOR, dunno what he's going with.
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Miles McKnight
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