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 Ren Hitaro

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Ren Hitaro

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PostSubject: Ren Hitaro   Tue Apr 20, 2010 6:06 pm

Name: Ren Hitaro
Age: Nineteen
Starting Class: Recruit
Fighting Style: Ren shoots from afar, wielding all types of guns to her advantage. Her favorites are pistols and rifles, usually of the automatic or shotgun variety.
Ability: Standstill - when below 10% HP, can only be hit by ranged attacks and magic.
Water: Water {Weak to Thunder, Strong against Fire}
Description: Ren is a young neko with long flowing silver hair and black cat ears. She has bright blue eyes and wears a variety of outfits, her favorite one being a black dress with black socks and striped panties. She usually prefers NOT to wear any shoes.
Personality: Ren is a quiet individual who doesn't speak up much, but she's very possessive over her lover, Axis.
Group: Varia
History: Ren is Kai's older sister, she's always been there for him just like he's always been there for her. While he chose the profession of a sword, Ren chose to stick with guns, even though she'd been given a keyblade herself. While in the past, she'd met and fallen in love with Axis, a beautiful young keyblade wielder of the flame element. Damn she seemed to be surround by fire people. Ren herself was of the water element, and she'd been used to change - so when they returned to the future and she lost her control over time - giving it to Kai, she didn't mind at all, in fact - it made her more normal.
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Ren Hitaro
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