Kingdom Hearts: Slivered Aftermath

Slivered Aftermath
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 Facing The Aftermath

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PostSubject: Facing The Aftermath   Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:41 pm

Amber eyes of golden hue swept across the land of eternal twilight, it's ruins and the rubble that preoccupied them. Thexas as this nobody was know by walked with a steady pace through the demolished streets and up towards Stations Heights where the symbolic clock tower had once stood. Leaning on the remains of the ledge that overlooked the town below she gave a blank gaze to the sun that was slowly slipping away below the horizon line giving the shattered town the usual orange glow.

Slowly she removed her hoo. Uncovering her red, short hair and the sun's light revealing the peach pale skin of her face. The light glinted ever so slightly in her empty eyes. "....Another forsaken land... With one faint sign of hope... That could be snuffed out in moments..." Her voice was low, hushed and monotone as the words escaped her lips.
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Facing The Aftermath
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