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 Luke Vander Vel'Den II

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PostSubject: Luke Vander Vel'Den II   Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:33 pm

Name: Luke Vander Vel'Den II

Age: 28

Starting Class: Pupil
[Ranked Up to: Mage Knight]

Fighting Style: Luke packs brute force and power behind his punches or in his case attacks. This is the sign that he is a mostly offensive fighter taking his enemies and opponents straight on. But that doesn't stop him from using his head as well as his sword. He also is known for studying not only his surroundings in the heat of battle but also his opponents fighting style and way of attack. Keeping close eyes on these two things he determines the probable next move of the attacker and where they will end up next. He also believes in the balance between elemental magic and offensive attack, mixing the two together to his advantage and preference.

Ability: SOLDIER Honor - When Luke's health is atleast 10% or below his attacks are boosted to 150% but the downfall to this is that he becomes weaker to ranged and magical based attacks.

Element: Plasma - An element made and composed of the sun and it's core energy. A dangerous and deadly element to both masters of it and beholders of it's power. [Weak against Water, Strong against Ice]

    Body Features
    *~ Shoulder Length, Spiked, Crimson Red Hair
    *~ Crimson Red Eyes
    *~ Natural Tan Skin
    *~ Fairly Built Body
    *~ 6' 1"
    *~ 173 lbs

    *~ Navy blue vest made of light, breathable material. A cross design lines down the middle of the body and across the upper chest with purple material for the lines. On the vertical material two diamond shapes appear showing a small amount of flesh from underneath. The collar of the vest covers most of the neck and is made of white material as well as outlined by the same purple material. Gold material with red jewels are postioned at both ends of the horizontal purple line across the chest, each are also outlined by the same material.
    *~ Sleaves are seperated from the vest. They begin from the wrist and end 10 or so inches from below the shoulder. Each is made from the same blue material as the vest and at each end is a white sort of material which makes a sort of band.
    *~ The overcoat is oddly made to resemble a sort of wing-shaped cape. Two triangular parts cover the shoulders and another two hang down the back. Made of blue material that is alittle heavier set then the others. It is all out outlined by purple materials. Two gold buttons, one on each shoulder, can be found on the upper part as well on the high collar of the overcoat which is about 2-3 inches high then the vest's high collar.
    *~ Two thick, sturdy belts made of purple-coloured leather line his thin but fit waist. Decorated with small silver trim around both belts and silver buckles. Each have three holes to them, they are usually kept on the second hole.
    *~ The pants are made of the same type of material as both the sleaves and the vest only difference they have a somewhat close, almost skin tight feeling with some space left. The bottoms of the pants are usually tucked into the white ankle wraps.
    *~ White ankle wraps made of a stretchy material wrap over the bottom of his pants and around the bottom of heal of his shoe and are kept in place by two smaller leather belts on each of his legs. These belts are completely similar to the two larger ones around Luke's waist.
    *~ Luke's shoes are made of a very light, and dark colored metal. The underside is silver while the actually top is made of a sort of brownish-black sort of metal. As well two black bands wrap around the middle of both shoes.
    *~ Covering his hands are a pair of purple gloves with the fingers cut off. Gold pieces are lined upon each knuckle.

Personality: Luke is the kind with a hard exterior but a soft interior. Many see him as a ruthless, cold and heartless person with no feelings and little need to relax. But in all truth he is a very kind natured man with a need to keep both his friends and allies safe. Not to get confused though he is strict and secretive at times due to events from the past.

Group: Leader of Sanctum

History: Luke Vander Vel'Den II was born on August 17th in a world known as Omasu. His parents were Luke And Emiko Vander Vel'Den. He was born into a noble family of high class Knights with two other silblings, an older brother named Vanus otherwise known as "Van" and a younger sister by the name of Yukina who is also known as "Yuki". Inherting his father's name he was the next member in line to take his father's place as the next Knight of their family. Through his childhood years Luke was put through emense training and preparation by not only his own family but by a specialized trainer who was also the leader of one faction of the Knights of Omasu. He was taught never to show weakness, never to retreat and at all costs fight to protect. At the age of 10 he was put at his brother's side as a trainee and brought into the actual ranks of the Knights. Beginning small he took his time doing the very limited tasks he was required to do in order to rank up. As easy as they were he still treated then with the up most seriousness.

When the time came on his 15th birthday and he had been through five years of missions, assignment, and other stuff he was almost welcomed into the elite class to the Knights of Omasu but he was one requirement short to reach his goal. There was one final mission, a sort of initiation that marked a Knight's true place in the group. It was unknown till the night he was to preformed this deed. Unfortunately this one act would send everything crashing down. The one task he was asked, was to face his brother in battle but it was to the death. He found that his future aspiration was being lead by a group of murders, including his own father. Forced into it by threats of not only himself being killed but his sister as well, Luke squared off with Van taking much effort snd emotional strain to finish him off. It was on that night, staring at his body with his brother's blood dripping from his blade that Luke finally changed. When he returned home a "Knight" his dreams were haunted and setting him on his own path. The next day he would set plans into action. He awoke a different man finishing his father and sending him to his final resting place before slipping off and heading away from home to seek refuge for a new start and future.

During his travels over the years to come Luke grew more intelligent and wise, locking his feels and past events away in the darkside of his heart. He grew to become a better man. He met many people gaining trust over again and making friends with close relations. He became his own person, his own warrior. No longer walking in the footsteps of monsters and killers. One thing was for sure he would never forgive himself for the death of his dear brother. It was one year ago that he found a portal opened in the farplanes of the a rogue town. Curious enough he stepped in to find out where it lead only to find himself in the strange ruins of Fiendish Garden. The portal had closed behind him before he had a chance to turn back and return to his own world which ultimately ment he was trapped in place he had no knowledge of. It didn't take long though through one year for him to study the terrain, meet new people, and collect knowledge of and travel to different words. Now in his 28th year of being free he is the current leader of the "Heroes" group known as Sanctum and because of his diregard to his past and it's events he's earned the title of Fate's Shadow.  

Face Claim: Kratos Aurion - Tales of Symphonia

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PostSubject: Re: Luke Vander Vel'Den II   Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:29 am


PM Kai Hitaro with Questions. And read my posts on your topic, they aren't always an approval.
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Luke Vander Vel'Den II
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