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 Lunarix "Narix" Enduro

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PostSubject: Lunarix "Narix" Enduro   Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:05 pm

Name: Narix
[Originally: Lunarix Enduro]

Age: 23

Starting Class: Journeyman

Fighting Style: Narix fights with brute force. She sends most of her power within her attacks and of course this deals fair melee damage as she really only uses swords. Also she is skilled in Lighting based skills and spells.

Ability: Inner Regen: heal 5% max HP at the end of every post

Element: Thunder

    Head: Long blonde hair that goes past her shoulders. Crystal blue eyes. Nice lips that are usualy covered in Black lipstick. Mascara on eyes. her bangs hand to one side. On rare occasion her red scarf around her neck, covers her face.

    Torso: Black uniform vest. Made of soft like material. Has a collar around the neck. A partern of Lines run verticaly down the vest. Also a zipper with a special zipper piece hangs from the neck of the vest, this is to make it easier to get off plus it looks cool. Normal Built muscle. Nice tan. Black gloves. A red heartstring hangs from the upper part of her right arm.

    Waist&Legs: Black uniform pants with belts hanging from the sides and a few chains. She has the geostigma on her right leg. It is hidden away so no one has to know. Insigna belt. The insigna in engraved in the belt. There are two keychains hooked on to her belt. The keychains are from her two of her closest friends. One resembles a white wing and the other resembles a silver insigna.

    Feet: Black boots. They go up half of her lower leg and are pretty light for usual boots. Though to an average person would way a ton. They have zippers on the side so the easy to take off and they have silver trim. Made of sturdy leather.

    Other: Standard, black gloves made of leather. Shoulder blade armor connected by leather suspeneders. And in very rare occassion wears an Organization XIII cloak.

Personality: A very quiet, keep to yourself kind of person with no emotions. Sometimes has a very strict and serious nature. Is the brianiac type as well as an agressive fighter on the battlefield. Doesn't really care to keep relations between herself and people unless it her brother or people she finds useful. Is unbelievably loyal to higher ups and leaders.

Group: Ragnarok

History: Narix was born in the remains of the once glorious "Hollow Bastion" more commonly known now as "Fiendish Garden" on May 12th. Her true name was Lunarix Enduro and she was one of two twins born into the family. Her parents were Jet and Pinky Rose Enduro. As well her fraternal twin was originally Lunix Enduro but is now know as Nix. As a kid she was one very interesting child spending most of her time inside away from the heartless and lost in studies of the past and what it was like. About the many worlds, their secrets, anything and everything she could find but by the time she was a teen she was soon snapped into another reality when the heartless attacks became more frequent and dangerous. She began to form a squad of warriors known as the Eternal Knights. Protecting the people with her brother at her side they were soon known as heroes. But that was not to last... A major scale heartless invasion hit the town. An army of many assortment of strong enemies destroyed everything that had tried to been restored again and of course the Eternal Knights were reduced drastically in their efforts to defeat them. It was on that day that both her and her twin would feel their last heartbeat as they were defeated by a rare heartless known as Orcus.

When she awoke in her new persona she was confused, here she was lost in a world not herself and yet she wasn't scared not even worried. So this was what a Nobody was... She couldn't recall what happened or why. She couldn't speak... She was alone and empty. During the next week she was found by a member of a group of high class warriors of dark known as "Ragnarok" and was taken in. Her brother soon followed also being taken in. The two were reunited again. Since then she and her brother have been doing missions and taking care of things for the "Ragnarok".

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PostSubject: Re: Lunarix "Narix" Enduro   Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:20 pm


PM Kai Hitaro with Questions. And read my posts on your topic, they aren't always an approval.
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Lunarix "Narix" Enduro
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