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 Lunix "Nix" Enduro

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PostSubject: Lunix "Nix" Enduro   Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:45 am

Name: Nix
["True" Name: Lunix Enduro]
Age: 23
Starting Class: Recruit
Fighting Style: Nix has a fighting style that mixes elemental magic with fire arms. Also he sticks to hand to hand combat, so he is good at Martial Arts. As well he is a strong user of the fire element magic.
Ability: Ammo Thrust - when using a ranged weapon, you can attack physically for 100% normal damage instead of 50%
Element: Fire
Description: Black onyx hair, that was originally blond, cut to a short length and hangs over his right eye most of the time. Crystal blue eyes with a pale complexion to go with them. As well he is somewhat built in the upper muscles but is one of the thinner guys. Nix is usually seen in a sort of school like uniform looking suits. Composed of a black full length jacket, covering a black fitting undervest and a white dress shirt with a black tie. A few silver chains hang from a high chest pocket to a lower pocket. A black normal belt with a silver buckle holds his somewhat baggy black dresspants which are cut off by high-cut black leather boots which fit snuggly on his feet. On other occassions he hides his outfit under that of an ordinary Organization XIII cloak but this is rare.
Personality: Compared to when he was human Nix is now a somewhat cocky and arrogant brat of a nobody that seems to cause trouble with anyone and everyone he comes across. Tends be childish alot of the time and always wants to have his opinion known even if it's the wrong time to do so. Depending on the situation around him he can either be easily annoyed or easily entertained and when his buttons are finally pushed he's not the most mature at handling anger.
Group: Ragnarok
History: Born in Fiendish Garden on May 12th to Jet and Pinky Rose Enduro. Nix was the youngest to a set of fraternal twins. For most of his life he was a helpful kid volenteering and joining the Restoration Comittee. He wanted more then anything to bring his home back to the way it should be. As well he studied alot about the other worlds and about the past of Fiendish Garden along with his sister Lunarix. When they both had matured they both began to realize the major heartless problem that seemed to keep rising everyday. So they began to form the warrior defense squad known as The Eternal Knights. With his sister at his side the whole way they lead them keeping the population of home safe and the heartless threat at bay. But the time soon came when everything came crashing down in a backfire.

An army of many different variety of strong heartless destroyed the town from the inside out. Everything that they had tried to protect and restore was gone, their teammates slaughtered and kill with their heart stolen. In an atempt to try and elminate a rare and very powerful heartless known as Orcus, he and his sister were killed in action. When he had fallen to the beast the last thing he felt was a slow, faint heartbeat and then everything was black.

When he awoke again he "felt" different, almost like a zombie. Like the meaning of life was just sucked away. It was, Lunix Enduro was now gone only leaving Nix the newly born Nobody. The World That Never Was became his home and his sanctuary for the next two weeks untill fate slipped his way. A member of a group known as Ragnarok approached him and he was soon taken to the others and welcomed amoung them all. It didn't take long for him to find that his sister had also been brought to the same place and that she too was now a different form. No longer his charming Lunarix but now Narix, The Silent Knight of Eternal Darkness. Atleast he had been reunited with her and they stood together again as one force of darkness. As expected though he sticks with her and the two excute their duties that are given to them by Ragnarok.
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PostSubject: Re: Lunix "Nix" Enduro   Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:21 pm

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Lunix "Nix" Enduro
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