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 David Spencer, Rogue of the Seas

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David Spencer

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PostSubject: David Spencer, Rogue of the Seas   Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:33 pm

Name: David Spencer

Age: 24

Starting Class: Journeyman

Fighting Style: David, now wanting to scar his pretty face, wants to keep his enemies and their pointy bits as far away from him as possible. As a result, David uses his Trident Dagger to catch enemy swords, twist them away from him, and deliver a jaw breaking punch before fleeing. If only there was a way to fight these people at a distance...

Ability: Fade Away: David fades into the background, making him impossible to detect for three posts, or until he attacks.

Element: Fire

Description: David is tall and tan (6'2), with a slightly muscular build. He has ice blue eyes, a little over shoulder-length blond hair, and a scar running from his right eye down his cheek. He generally wears a blue denim jacket over a white undershirt, and faded Levi jeans. Underneath all this David wears a thin layer of truesilver, so as to minimize any damage done.

Personality: David is certainly an odd character. Having been brought from present day Earth, David Spencer refuses to believe that this world is real. He often posits that he is in a never-ending dream, everyone is trying to pull one over on him, or he has simply gone insane. But never one to pass up on a once in a lifetime opportunity, David has quit his con man ways and has devoted his life to good.

Group: Sanctuary

History: David Spencer was born in Boston, Massachussets in the year 1986 to two parents who really didn't want him. At the age of six months, the young David Spencer was left to the "Caring Hands Orphanage", where he spent eight years at the hands of savage nuns, psychopathic teachers, and a possibily homocidal orphan matron, the latter who gave him his scar at the age of four.

When he was eight years old, the young David Spencer left his hellish home and decided to take up a life on the streets. Luckily for him he was a very handsome young man, so it became quite easy for him to mooch off of the elderly until he could figure out what to do. Manys the time when David would be seen, walking hand in hand with a strange octoginerian who would give him promises of food, shelter, and a trip to the orphanage in the morning. He was always gone by morning.

As he aged physically, and his little boy cuteness turned into a rugged teenage handsomeness, so did David's means of supporting himself. David began running games of "Where's the lady?" and "Three Card Monty" in the local park. The police could never catch him because of his quickness, but they very rarely wanted to catch him. Everyone loved David, they saw no reason to bother the young man. Until, that is, he upped the ante.

When card games and parlor tricks could no longer feed the young David Spencer, he had to raise the stakes and start hunting bigger game. David would wait outside train stations, worrying how he would be able to afford a ticket to New York to see his artificial dying grandma. He'd find a sucker to buy a five dollar golden ring for eighty dollars, claiming he needed the money quick to get a ticket before the trains left. He would forge bank notes and withdraw unrealistic sums of cash.

One day a scam went awry. A mark wasn't as dumb as David perceived (In fact, he was an undercover cop. But David never knew that.) and he had to make a quick getaway. Fleeing on foot to his favorite hidey-hole, David waited with baited breath as the police moved in. He wouldn't last in prison, he knew, but it was certainly better than putting up a fight against the cop.

As the police moved in, David was engulfed in a blue light. Everything went black for David, and when he woke up he was in a strange new place. Underneath his faded street clothes was a thin layer of metal, and in his right hand was a Trident Dagger. He didn't know where he was, but it sure beat wherever he would have been on Earth.
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Admin Aftermath

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PostSubject: Re: David Spencer, Rogue of the Seas   Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:25 pm

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David Spencer, Rogue of the Seas
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