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 Character Elements

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PostSubject: Character Elements   Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:43 pm

Basic Elements:
Fire: The power of fire and heat, scorch your enemies to cinders! {Weak to Water, Strong against Ice}
Ice: The power of blizzards, freeze your enemies solid! {Weak to Fire, Strong against Earth}
Earth: The power of ground, shake your opponents and make them unsteady! {Weak to Ice, Strong against Wind}
Wind: The power of wind, blow your enemies away! {Weak to Earth, Strong against Thunder}
Thunder: The power of electricity, shock your enemy! {Weak to Wind, Strong against Water}
Water: The power of aqua, drown your enemies and make them suffer! {Weak to Thunder, Strong against Fire}
Dark: The power of darkness. {Weak to Light and Continuum, Strong against Light}
Light: The power of holy. {Weak to Dark and Continuum, Strong against Darkness}
Twilight: The power of the in-between. {Weak to Continuum, Strong against Continuum}
Space: The power of moving from one area to another. {Weak to Time and Continuum, Strong against Time.}
Time: The power of slowing down events and reaction times. {Weak to Space and Continuum, Strong against Space.}
Continuum: The power of both Space and Time, compacted into one. {Weak to Twilight, Strong Against Light, Dark, Twilight, Space and Time.} Kai Hitaro ONLY

Custom Elements: [pm the creator for use]
Malestrom - Niveus
A terrifying amalgamation of the Ice element and several lesser forces of nature , the Maelstrom element is, despite the name, not actually linked to a whirlpool. Rather, the name refers to its twisting nature, as Niveus specializes in using it to whip up storms, particularly those of a spiraling nature. It is this element that makes A.V.A.L.A.N.C.H.E. possible, although its potential applications are theoretically endless. Possibly uses include blasting enemies back with a vortex of spiraling wind, or drawing them in with the same force in reverse, while adding a hail of ice shards to slice them. On a more peaceful note, Niveus has been known to whip up light snow falls, rain storms, or whirlpools using this element, simply for the hell of it.
{Weak to Fire}
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Character Elements
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