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 The Story So Far...

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PostSubject: The Story So Far...   Tue Mar 30, 2010 5:34 pm

Unknown Year - Day 90
I have no time. This journal, kept through the ages, will help those in deep need. I have to write all I know, all I can understand, and quickly. There is nothing else to say : Father has gone mad. After her death, he has quite simply lost it. I don't know why or how, but I know just a few bare facts about their history, from what I've gleaned from Uncle Riku. First, my father, Sora, was a hero. He had saved the heart of the worlds by defeating the Organization XIII and restoring balance. My mother, Kairi, was the Princess of Light : one of the only pure souls in the world. Therefore, she couldn't be tainted. That was all I could have, before he died. But this was enough : I could piece together what's happening. Once Mother died.... Father's darkness has begun to take over. I am almost afraid of what will happen.. he musn't get to the gates. Because if he could open up the world of the Heartless.. then nothing will be left..

Unknown Year - Day 230
I have lost track of him. It has been four days that we have been tracking him. He's eluding us.. what if he gets to the Gate? I don't want to think about it, particularly when they absorb his abilities. I don't want to see the worlds die, each at a time, due to heartless. So we must get him before the year ends.. for each year, at the end of it, on the last day, the Gates become visible. That is lore passed down that particular world, that no one pays attention to. But considering he is searching it, and eluding us until then.. I must assume it is right. 35 days left.. let's hope we don't have to resort to the last mesures.

Unknown Year - Day 264
This is my last entry in this journal. Therefore, there are a few things that I must write : Sora has gone mad, with the death of Kairi, the Light Princess. He has come to a world that we barely known anything about, and is aiming for the mythical Gates. We do not know the name of this either : all we know is that he aims for it. According to lore from travellers, this Gate is actually the only existing portal to the world of the Heartless. But even so, it would not explain the random appearances of them in other places.. but it matters not. That is what is going on. Our goal is to stop Sora from opening that gate. I am his son, Taiyou. Me and the rest of my family, Tsuki, Hoshi, Yuki and Nami, are present to take him down. I give this journal to the youngest one of us, Nami, in hopes that she can survive whatever comes. For if we fail today, Tomorrow shall be the first day of the Armageddon.

Year 1 - Day 7
The first week passed.. I'm scared. I don't know what happened to everyone : to Taiyou, Tsuki, Hoshi and Yuki.. I really do hope everyone's ok. But I have this feeling in my heart they're not.. and this scares me. I know that the world they were on has been attacked by the heartless : I heard it was turned upside down. And the world closest to it, Stonerose, was attacked the next day. The survivors have fled to the closest worlds, and the rumors spread quickly as three more worlds fell. Everyone started moving away from the outer worlds : looking for somewhere safe. My guardian, Yami, decided that we have to move too. I don't know what's going on : well I do, but I don't. This journal.. it belonged to my brother Taiyou. And he wanted me to keep on writting.. and I will. If I fall, I'll give it to someone else : this can never be lost!

Year 12 - Day 24
The worlds are falling fast : there's no time. Something has to be done : Yami told me I could do something. It's been twelve years since the start of Armageddon : I have to help slow it down. So tomorrow, I will not be the one writting in this anymore. My son, Jurei, shall be writting from now on. To recap the events of later years : no fewer then about 500 worlds have fallen to the onslaught of the unleashed heartless. My mother and father were Kairi and Sora. Sora managed to get to the gates with success and it seems like the universe will end. But there is hope.. in a self-sacrificial ritual, I can make one world of my choice untouched by the heartless. And this protection would be flawless : because I am the inherant of Kairi's title. I am the next Princess of Light : but there is no time to dwell on that. I've dared to gaze into the future : and I see hope.. and war. But I must hide this : Yami would burn it if he saw. Jurei.. please write well. Live.. none of you holders die without a fight!

Year 96 - Day 69
Many entries are missing.. pages of this book are gone. But now.. there is almost nothing left. Destiny Island is our only hope.. Oranization XIII has risen again : the heartless are being beat back... I hope that it all ends well.. I am Ferrow.. please take care of this diary.

Year 251 - Day 1
Revolution. There is nothing like it. Battles, all over the fronts. Many things going back and forth : the Organization is going down. There is little more that I can write : rather, we must find the other pages of this book. Many years are missing : many holders. I wish to find them all, but no one is there to do it. As much as Iskra and Kai mean to me.. I must part. I will find the answers for myself : barring all consenquences, I will find the pages of this book. Because these pages are indestructable : they have been infused with the hearts of it's weilders, and the sheer power of the Light is enough to keep heartless away. But my quest will take me further then anything else : once I find those pages.. this world may be whole once more. And therfore.. I will take my leave. And you, my book, will guide me..

For the Chamber of Crystals awaits me.
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The Story So Far...
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