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 Magica Erebea: Raiten Taisou

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PostSubject: Magica Erebea: Raiten Taisou   Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:18 pm

Name: Magica Erebea: Raiten Taisou
Cost: 75+25L
Element(s) Lightning
Length: 10 of Jinzou's turns; Ends at the end of the 10th
Attack: While charged with Lightning magic, Jinzou is able to move at insanely high speeds. Due to the magical charge behind his blows, he fights with his bare hands when in this form, using a style loosly based off of Chinese Kempo.
Special: While in this form, Jinzou essentially becomes like a bolt of lightning, moving from place to place so fast he could be assumed to be teleporting. His path is linear however, much like an actual bolt of lightning. Due to the speed granted by this transformation, he is able to attack twice per turn, and is able to split the attacks up between two targets. Each blow hits for his usual damage output, as if he had been wielding a weapon. With each attack, he rolls a D6; a 6 leaves his opponent taking 5L damage per turn. [Stacks, two dice rolled if a single target is hit; L refers to opponent's level, not the Jinzou's]. In additon, for every attack sent his way, he rolls a D6; a 6 dodges the attack and negates all damage.

Raijinsou: Titanoktonon
Thunder God Lance: Titan Slayer

A four hit combo. Jinzou gets in close to his opponent, striking with his left arm, followed by his right.

Sinistra Emittam
Left Arm Release

Dextra Emittam
Right Arm Release

With each release, a bolt of lightning magic tears into his opponent, before he releases a third wave, from both at once.

Duplex Complexio
Both Arms Seize

Finally, after the opponent is blasted back into the nearest surfaceW, and injured, he raises his hands above his head, releasing the remainder of the magic built into the form.

Duabus Emissae
Both Arms Release

Summoning a massive lance made of concentrated thunder, he hauls back, before throwing it at his opponent.

((Damage: [Combo Target] 1000+100L [Nearby Enemies] 500+50L))

"Actus Noctis Erebeae"
"Actions of the Dark Night."

In this form, Jinzou calls upon the latent magical power present within all living beings, in order to further increase his own abilities. Unlike most warriors, he does that naturally, allowing him to match a more muscular opponent in terms of sheer physical strength, without having to be as large himself. This form takes it to a new level, drawing high quantities of magical energy from within his body. As he is not a mage, this is much more difficult; melee users rarely ever wield magic, so it is much more complicated for them to summon it forth.

This transformation takes four steps to complete.

In the first step, he focuses energy into his right arm.

Dextra Stagnans
Right Arm Fixate

In the second, he focuses energy into his left arm.

Sinistra Stagnans
Left Arm Fixate

During the first two phases, he can still battle as normal. For the third phase, he releases the pent up energy through his hands, charging it to become a physical embodiment of the Lightning element, which appears as a blazing sphere of light by his opened palms. He then crushes the charges spheres, drawing it back into his body.

"Stagnet. Complexio, Supplementum pro Armationem!"
"Fixate. Seize. Load magic, 'Armament'!"

At the end of that turn, he is shrouded by a blinding light, and waves of electricity, and is immune to all damage until his next turn. He cannot move or attack at this time. On the next turn,, the shroud fades, revealing his new form. When in this form, Jinzou's hair takes on a blue tint, and moves as if affected by waves of statis. His eyes burn with an electric blue, while a blue field covers his entire body. Within the field and over has body strands of electricity can be seen darting across his flesh, and into the air.


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PostSubject: Re: Magica Erebea: Raiten Taisou   Thu Apr 01, 2010 3:51 am


PM Kai Hitaro with Questions. And read my posts on your topic, they aren't always an approval.
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Magica Erebea: Raiten Taisou
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