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 Weapon Creation Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Weapon Creation Rules and Template   Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:45 am

  1. Weapon Limit: You're allowed one Weapon per level. Period, end of story.
  2. Weapon Types: You can only have weapons generally specified by your class, or keyblades with admin permission.
  3. Weapon Damage: Weapon damage of weapons that you create is NOT allowed to deal any more than 20% your current max HP in damage.
  4. Weapon Style This is the type of weapon it is. Is it a sword or a gun? Is it a spear? You're only allowed one, and it's based on class. You can, however, make it any TYPE from that style. If you choose a sword, you could have it be a keyblade, or a short sword, or even a wave sword.
  5. Weapon Description: I personally see no point in writing up the history of anything other then a character, so please write a detailed description to keep me happy with my choice to not include that category, or I'll tack it back on and make you remake all your weapons.
  6. Picture: If you choose to use a picture, it must be in a spoiler.

[b]Name:[/b] <What is the name of your weapon>
[b]Element:[/b] <What element is the weapon made with>
[b]Style:[/b] <What style of weapon is it>
[b]Type:[/b] <What type of weapon is it>
[b]Damage:[/b] <how much damage does your weapon deal>
[b]Description:[/b] <What does your weapon look like, what does it do>
[b]Picture:[/b] <Put in a spoiler please>
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Weapon Creation Rules and Template
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