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 Xed, a living shell.

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PostSubject: Xed, a living shell.   Wed Mar 31, 2010 7:38 pm

Name: Xed (Took on a new name based off the way the original Organization did. His original name was Edward.

Age: 15

Race: Nobody

Starting Class: Journeyman
Journeymen are the basic melee class, learning no magic, but having access to special attacks they call skills. They wield daggers to fight.
Weapons: Daggers
Armor: A-Rank
Magic: None
Skills: Yes

Fighting Style: Xed fights by using an ornate weapon called a Keyblade, a legendary weapon with much lore around it. He mainly focuses on using the hit and run tactic, to strike quickly and move away right after. The main point of this way of fighting is to take as little damage from his opponents as possible. No one is perfect, but he is decent with this way of fighting.

Ability: Transmutation: Allows the user of this ability to break down and recreate any substance as something else. However, the creation must be the same mass as the original item used. You can say change coal to gold, but you couldn't turn a pebble into a bolder. As well the performing of human transmutation is strictly forbidden, the consequences are unreal. The thing to remember is that you are not God, you can't do anything you want with it.

Element: Twilight: The power of the in-between. {No weakness/strength}

Description: Xed has golden eyes and bright blond hair; his facial features are that of a child’s. However, if you look into his eyes you will see the determination of a man who has nothing to lose. Then again most people do not catch sight of Xed at first glance because of his incredible shortness. Xed’s hair is parted to both sides in the front and has a small braided pony tail in the back. One of his strangest features is one hair that sticks up from the center of his forehead, and nothing is applied to make it this way. Xed wears all black clothing beneath a red jacket that covers most of his body; the jacket has a black symbol from alchemy embroidered on its back. Xed wears platform shoes to elevate his height ever so slightly; however, he is still quite small. Xed’s right arm and left leg are both metallic and in thus are both completely covered, he wears a pair of white gloves mainly for this reason.

Personality: Xed is a child at heart and always will be. His attitude can very quite a bit depending on the situation at hand. Most of the time he is cynical and tries to make comedic jokes, but sometimes will go too far. The main problem he has, although, is his incredibly short fuse. Xed will fly into a burst of uncontrollable rage if anyone ever insults or picks on his lack of height. However, if there is a need for seriousness he always has something meaningful to say that will help the situation.

Group: Ragnarok

History: Xed, originally named Edward, was a hot headed kid ever since he was little. This always led him to fight with anyone who challenged him, or insulted his height. After his father left their family without giving a good reason Ed could only resent him, and when his mother died the anger just grew and grew. At first Ed battled the heartless as a Keyblade wielder, looking for a way to bring back his mother. However, after a long time of searching Ed lost hope and turned to something that he would normally never do. He decided to make a deal with the heartless. It was that if they would bring his mother back to life Ed would allow the heartless to have his own hearts. The heartless did take their hearts, but what they gave them in return was not what Ed wanted from the Heartless. The thing that he got was not his mother, but a monster instead. There was nothing that could be done for Ed.

When Ed awoke his body felt different then before, as if something was gone from him, but couldn’t figure out what. When he looked down he was missing his right arm and left leg, causing him to cry out in terror and pain. His conclusion was that some greater force had taken them from him as punishment for his actions. His heart, however, did not feel anything at all; in him there was only nothingness. He could still remember how to feel, but he did actually feel anything at all. Later he learned that he had become something known as a Nobody. After he was found by some strangers Ed was able to get false limbs made of metal. It took time, but he got used to the weight and there were no heavy mobility restrictions, because of the arm and leg being attached into his nerves system. For a short time he wandered aimlessly though the worlds, destroying every heartless that he came across in a blind rage.

After a long year Ed decided that he would use his powers to become the most powerful person to ever exist. He changed his name in accordance to the old Organization XIII way, he was now Xed. The nobody now works only for himself and refuses to cooperate with anyone else. Only the future knows what is in store for Xed now.

Picture: Picture of Ed.

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PostSubject: Re: Xed, a living shell.   Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:25 pm

Do you, Xed, Promise to be loyal to Valda? No?
Eri! Take him!

PM Kai Hitaro with Questions. And read my posts on your topic, they aren't always an approval.
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Xed, a living shell.
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