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PostSubject: Salem   Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:14 am

Name: Salem
Age: 21
Starting Class: Pupil

Pupils are the basic magic class, learning buff spells and fighting with magic wands. These wands, unlike other magic weapons, can’t have imbued spells in them. Pupils wield D-Rank Armor.
Weapons: Wands
Armor: D-Rank
Magic: Buff Spells
Skills: None
Fighting Style: Salem studies under the mage, with his books. He sporadically uses coin, so his books are limited to what he already has. Knowing few, Salem will try to stay back from his attackers and cast AoE (Area of Effect) skills.
Ability: Charge
When MP hits 0, wait 3 posts without attacking to recharge to full MP and 50% HP.
Element: Earth
The power of ground, shake your opponents and make them unsteady! {Weak to Ice, Strong against Wind}
Description: What can be said about Moogles? Salem is only two and a half feet tall with a large red pompom attatched to the top of his head to make him three feet. Two reddish-black wings sprout from the Moogle's back, giving him the ability to fly short distances and hover for quite some time. From there, Salem wears a variety of clothing that is generally around the colors green and brown.
Personality: It varies on the creature Salem is talking to. This includes things like species, gender, and age. However, Salem does like to call everyone kid, unless their age should show otherwise. Naturally, Salem acts proud. He doesn't think himself lower than anyone else unless proven to be lower in a match of skill. This is not limited to fighting.
Group: Varia
History: Survivor of the Heartless attacks on the universe, Salem now lives as a mercenary that takes up any jobs that he can find so that he can live as he chooses. Salem has no morals and will do just about anything for money, as long as it does not disgrace the credit he has built in his name. This just means, right or wrong, he doesn’t care. Money is money, and he has learned that, in this society, whoever has the most money will have the most power, even if they are not strong. This is because there are so many mercenaries; the more money, the more people you can higher to get on your side. The more you have, the less they will try to turn on you. They all have their own thoughts and will do anything. Thus, it is hard for them to create a group skilled enough to attack the leader. Salem, when not working for someone, will spend his time with the Earth. He will raise herbs and spices for foods and for medicine and sell them for profit. His prices were reasonable, being that his money mainly comes from doing merc jobs from other people. His skills are widely ranged, being in herbs, spices, arts of fighting, and the way of the mage. Although he is not skilled at two of the four things, he still can get the job done. Salem knows it will take some time before his name is known around the universe, so he lives off very little, pocketing and saving what coins he gets in case of emergencies. Twenty-one years; Salem has lived a long life now, and still far from over. What he will do next, he is uncertain. Only time will tell.
Picture: Picture

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PostSubject: Re: Salem   Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:21 pm

Good boy~ Modified a few wrong things, hope you dun mind! Spoiler tags dun work. so. Approved~

PM Kai Hitaro with Questions. And read my posts on your topic, they aren't always an approval.
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