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 Darkness Bond

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Jinzou Kitai


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PostSubject: Darkness Bond   Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:17 am

Name: Darkness Bond
Cost: 50L; 10L Upkeep
Inflict: 0 Damage; {Bonded} status.
Zone: One Enemy/Ally; Close-Range Contact.
Effect: After focusing a thick amount of darkness into any part of his body, Jinzou must make contact with his target. Upon contact, the darkness resonates within the target's soul, as every light, no matter how bright, casts a shadow; therefor, even the purest soul has a slight touch of darkness, allowing it to work. With this done, the two are bonded, with stats matching the one with the highest HP between the two of them. ((If Jinzou has 500HP and 10MP, and the target has 100HP and 300MP, then their stats become Jinzou's, with 500HP and 10MP.)) While this skill remains active, any damage or MP loss one experiences is reflected upon the other. It can be used for healing, or to end a battle by forcing a mutual stalemate.
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Admin Aftermath

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PostSubject: Re: Darkness Bond   Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:13 am


PM Kai Hitaro with Questions. And read my posts on your topic, they aren't always an approval.
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Darkness Bond
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