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 Kai Hitaro [WIP]

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Kai Hitaro

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PostSubject: Kai Hitaro [WIP]   Tue Apr 13, 2010 3:36 pm

Name: Kai Hitaro
Starting Class: Journeyman [Has Since Promoted to Swordmaster]
Fighting Style: Kai fights up close, using his weapons to deal the best amount of damage that he can.
Ability: Continuum Break: Kai, being the master of both Space and Time, can use both of them in conjucture to alter reality. In other words, Kai is a god.
Element: Continuum
Group: Kai is the leader of the Varia.
History: Kai and Ren were both born uniquely from other people. They weren't actually born at all. The organization was trying to create the perfect soldier, and this resulted in the creation of people like Kai and Ren. They were brother and sister, living on Flooded Destiny, but one day a mysterious man in black robes showed up and Kidnapped them. They were used for genetic experiments, resulting in them being turned into Nekos. Ren managed to escape, but Kai was too curious, and he stayed. After more experiments, he was able to contract his ears and tail into his body, hiding them from public view. One day, when he was fed up with the experiments, he started to destroy the organization, Ren came back - haveing developed the power to travel through time, like he could through space. Their powers had been granted by the elemental dieties that kept themselves hidden from most of the people. However, Ren abused her power through time, bringing a lover back from the past. The dieties, disturbed by her actions, took her power over time and imbued it within Kai, giving him control over the entire Space-Time continuum. He's since developed a high-tech assassin's guild, named Varia. But unknown to most of everyone, including his sister, he is actually chosen by the gods to be their predicessor. That's why he has the powers he does. And in order to fulfill his destiny, he will end this war between the light and the dark.

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Kai Hitaro [WIP]
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